Blossoms Events A.K.A. The Myth Busters

Although we all love our job and can’t imagine working in another industry, we must confess there are some days when we hear words of discouragement from some of the brides we meet with.  Most famous words spoken in the Blossoms Events consultation room:

“I almost didn’t book an appointment with you because I have heard how expensive you are.”

While it is somewhat flattering that some are fearful of meeting with us, we often wonder why exactly that is.  I promise we are some of the nicest bunch you will ever meet!  My purpose for this post:  To finally conquer the budget-busting myth lying in the back of the minds of all the beautiful brides out there!

True story:  Within the past year, one of our lowest floral budgets for a wedding was $500.

Yes, Blossoms Events takes pride in having some of the grandest, otherwise referred to as opulent, weddings along the South Carolina coast; but we also take pride in executing a beautiful look with great budget-friendly details.  The smaller the budget, the harder it is to create a style with cute details, but we must admit we do love a challenge!

There are plenty of weddings we have taken part in that included simple, yet elegant, looks with wonderful detail!  The below images are just a few:

Left Image: Shannon Michele + Right Image: Heather Forsythe

Left Image: Gayle Brooker +  Right Image Ruth Rackley