For the Beginning Bride: Be Specific

We at Blossoms Events take on many consultations with brides that have no idea where to begin with the planning process and have not even thought about their dream wedding.  This new blog series is intended to shed some light on how to plan your wedding for those brides that are not sure where exactly to begin.

A very important step in designing your dream wedding deals with choosing your colors.  When choosing the colors of your wedding, be sure to be very specific with exactly what you want pertaining to linens, flowers, stationary, and more.  Colors such as Canary Yellow, Spring Green, Champagne, Mauve, and Watermelon can be easily interpreted into many different shades.

For instance, when you think of Watermelon, are you referring to the dark green outside of it or the deep pink center?  Is Mauve closer to a shade of pink, or does it have more accents of a shade of purple?  When referring to specific colors, or if the colors you desire need to be exact, always do some research ahead of time.  It always helps to bring pictures or examples of exactly the colors you want, keeping in mind that some colors do not exist in the floral world and may not be able to be matched to an exact measure.